ResMed F20 / F30 for AirMini™ Set-Up Kit

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AirMini Set-up Kit for AirFit F20 / F30

AirMini F20 / F30 set-up kit has just the components you need to easily connect your AirFit F20 or F30 mask to the AirMini device.

This set-up kit includes:
AirMini F20 / F30 connector
AirMini tube


Pre-assembled F20/F30 AirMini connector which first connects the AirFit F20/F30 mask to the AirMini tube. The connector features ActiveAir venting technology, that makes AirMini solutions possible. Flexible AirMini Tube (1.8m) which then connects your F20/F30 to the AirMini device.