ResMed Quattro Air™ Full Face Mask

ResMed Quattro Air™ Full Face Mask

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ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask Features:

  • Improved vent design reduces noise levels by 50% from the Ultra Mirage Full Face.
  • Dual-Wall forehead cushion boosts comfort and support.
  • Specially designed cushion accommodates for jaw drop.
  • Easily remove the headgear without interfering with mask settings.
  • Innovative cushion creates a strong seal to the face, preventing leaks often associated with Full Face CPAP masks.
  • The forehead MicroFit™ dial can be adjusted to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose.

The Quattro Air is the lightest full face mask on the market, delivering the proven performance and reliability of the Mirage Quattro in a significantly lighter, more comfortable mask that is easy to use.

    The new MicroFit dial allows the patient to find the exact fit, preventing leaks and boosting comfort while relieving pressure on the bridge of the nose. Headgear clips allow you to conveniently remove the mask without interfering with settings eliminating the need to constantly adjust the mask.

    The Quattro Air has a built in quick release to allow CPAP users to get up during the night, without having to remove their CPAP mask. This CPAP mask is excellent for mouth breathers, and can be used with CPAP and BiPAP therapy at any pressure setting.

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