Respironics DreamStation™ Go CPAP Machine

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Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Features:

  • Cross-device connectivity
  • Packable performance
  • Trusted technology
  • Easy to use
  • Smart humidification, all night long
  • Micro-flexible tubing

DreamStation Go includes the same clinically-proven Flex pressure-relief technologies, therapy algorithms, and event detection found in our DreamStation and System One PAP therapy devices. 

The optional heated humidifier has been designed to use tap, bottled, or distilled water so travelers don’t have the inconvenience of packing or purchasing distilled water when they arrive at their destination. It features water-saving technology designed to provide a full night of heated humidification by actively monitoring ambient conditions and therapy settings and automatically adjusting moisture delivery when humidifier target time is enabled.

This device features our smallest PAP tubing ever offered. At just 12mm in diameter, it offers the same therapeutic experience as traditional tubing while taking up 58% less space. It offers enhanced flexibility, portability and connectivity. With its slim profile, compact footprint and revolutionary micro-flexible tubing, DreamStation Go offers high performance PAP therapy in a device that easily stows in existing baggage. It’s designed to facilitate easy airport screening and offers discretion while traveling

With its optional integrated overnight battery, DreamStation Go offers patients protection from power interruption and the freedom to sleep off the grid.

Intuitive color touchscreen offers quick, simple setup and easy navigation via familiar swipe and tap gestures.

Patients using DreamStation Go with other devices compatible with the DreamMapper self-management tool can now view their combined progress in one consolidated, printable dashboard to view complete therapy results.

Optional Heated Humidifier sold separately and can be found here

Optional DreamStation Go Battery Pack can be found here 

This Device is also compatible with the Medistrom™ Pilot-24 Lite Battery and Backup Power Supply as well, this can be found here

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